Why do you craft? Let’s take a few minutes and think about the why behind crafting. This could be different for everybody, but it is important to know. In understanding why you craft, you will be able to choose crafting projects that fulfill and satisfy you. You also will have less likelihood of burn out or creative slumps.

The why behind crafting

You may feel like a puzzle until you figure out the why behind your crafting.

Finding The Why in Your Crafting

Finding the why in your crafting can sound overwhelming, confusing and downright impossible. It will take a little bit of thought to pin point the why in your crafting. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help identify your “why”:

  • How do I feel when I craft?
  • How do I want to feel when I craft?
  • Is how I feel when I craft and what I actually feel like when I craft the same?
  • What kind of projects do I enjoy creating (cards, art journal, scrapbooks, ATC, etc.)?
  • What time of day do I enjoy crafting?
  • Do I like a certain theme? How does it make me feel when I create these types of projects?
  • Do I craft to create something for someone else or is it just my time to unwind?

Why Do You Craft?

Take some time to answer those questions. As you ponder your answers you will start to see a pattern. To further clarify your why you craft, write it down. As a teacher, I use objectives to help me clarify.

How to Write an Objective

There are four components to an objective. They are often referred to as the ABCD.

  • A = Audience (who does this apply to?)
  • B = Behavior (What will the audience do?)
  • C = Condition (With what or where will the audience complete this?)
  • D = Degree (What will be considered completion or mastery of the objective)

Example of a Craft Objective

I will create an art journal page on on Fridays using art supplies I have until all the journal is complete. 

“I” is the audience. It shows who will do this. “Create an art journal page” is the behavior. It is specifying what exactly “I” (the audience) will do. “On Fridays using art supplies I have” are the conditions in which I will create the art journal. “Until the art journal is complete” is the degree in which the objective will be complete.

Why do you craft?

Art Journal completed after I discovered what my why in crafting was and claimed it.

What to Do with The Why in Your Crafting

Now that you have identified your why and come up with your objective its time to put it into action. Identifying your why in crafting by writing out an objective does several things. First, it helps clarify your why. It empowers you by writing it down and claiming it. By identifying your why and writing it out in this manner it creates a plan for you to put into practice. It goes from just a dream or abstract thought to an attainable goal. It gives you purpose and a way to achieve it.

Display your Why in Crafting

Take your Why you just wrote out and display it somewhere you will see often. This may be posting it on your workplace with a sticky note. Or you may create a canvas with it. You could even make it the cover for an art journal. Get creative on how you want to see it. After all it is meant to inspire you. By creating a project from your objective, it solidifies the why and gives your crafting time a greater sense of purpose.

What Happens When You Own Your Why in Crafting

Once you know your why and come up with a plan on how to execute it during your craft time, your time spent crafting will be more fulfilling. Humans need to have a purpose. We burn out when we don’t have a reason behind what we are doing or why we are doing it. Sometimes our purpose is simple. I go to work so I can pay my bills. It is easier to identify when the purpose meets a need like keeping a roof over your head. It gets more complicated when you start to dive into things like self care and what makes you happy as a person.

Often times we feel guilty over doing anything that benefits ourselves. We think it is selfish, so we deny it. I am here to tell you, as one who has done this repeatedly over four decades, that it is not selfish to take care of yourself. That includes setting aside time to to do things that bring a smile to your face. You can not pour from an empty glass. You must take time to care for yourself. It is crucial to your wellbeing and those that you care for and around you.

My Why in Crafting

My why in crafting is to put the pieces together so I can find peace.


Here is a different supply list. These are resources that I have found helpful along my creative journey.


Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!

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