No, the title of this article is not click bait — you really don’t have to buy it. I truly do not want you to purchase it for your craft. You may be asking yourself “what is she talking about? What doesn’t she want me to buy?”  So glad you asked.

Must Have Arts and Craft Supplies

Must have art and craft supplies you don’t have to buy for your craft room if you won’t use what you purchase.

You Don’t Have to Buy…..

You don’t have to buy anything you will not use. As a content creator and someone who makes money off of affiliated links its a dangerous thing for me to state. Let’s say you don’t buy “it” (whatever that is) I don’t make any money. If I don’t make any money it would make no sense to continue working and creating content. I mean, a girl’s gotta eat, right? That still does not change the fact that I strongly believe that I do not want anyone to buy anything they will not use and love using.

2020 Gift Guide with

The 2020 Gift Guide is packed with great products perfect for your crafty friend and you, but you don’t have to buy or purchase from it.

Why Don’t You Want Me to Buy It?

My definition of success is not about how much money I make. Yes, that is important and if it were 20 years ago I probably could not say that. However, as time has gone on I have realized that it is far more important to do something that is of value. Work in a way that I am impacting people for the good. I care far more about helping someone make a decision that they will feel good about, than making a dollar.


My integrity is important. Think about it. If I recommend things to you that I do not think are good or that you need, you will not trust me. Which means you will not visit me here on my Website or Youtube. I will be a spammy joke if I tell you that you need to buy it.


If I lose my integrity with you that will result in a lack of trust. I don’t want that. Being transparent with you is important to me. You need to be able e-mail me and ask me questions on craft supplies or advice on how to use them knowing you are going to get an honest answer. That can only be done if you trust me and I remain honest with you.

That’s risky in this business. The craft industry is small and no one wants to be that person to rat out a company and say something sucks. That would get me black balled from companies and from other creators. Creators could not associate with me because that would hinder their reputation too. It’s a fine line to say the least, but a line I walk.

What Do You Want Me to Buy?

I want you to only buy things you actually will use and enjoy. For example, if you are a card maker, you should buy sentiment stamps, 8.5 by 11 cardstock and ink. If you are a scrap booker, you should purchase 12 by 12 paper packs, thickers for title and printed photos. If you are into an art journaling you should invest in paint, stencils and collage sheets. True, some things overlap from one type of paper crafting to another, but you don’t need it all.

Here are some resources that will help you decide what to buy according to your craft (card maker, scrap booker, art journal and Bible Art)

Don’t Buy One of Everything

If you find an ink brand you really like, you don’t need every color of it. Only buy the colors you will use. This holds true for paint, mists and inks of all kinds. You don’t need the entire paper pack. Only buy the pieces that you truly enjoy and use them. No need letting them sit in your stash collecting dust. Don’t buy every tool that does the same thing. You only need the ones you enjoy and use.

Let’s talk about the Distress line that is probably one of the most popular line in the arts and craft industry. You don’t need one of every color that comes out with each new release. I only purchase 3 things from each release AND I only purchase the colors I will use. If a brown or grungy green is released I am going to pass because those are not colors that bring me happiness. I also have quite a bit of blue in my craft room from the Distress line and will not be purchasing anymore of those. If, however, a red, purple, bright yellow or pink is released I probably will go ahead and take the plunge because those are colors that I love and/or would use. Here is a recent video I did about this:


Don’t buy the Paper

I’m just going to say it — stop buying all the paper. In fact, there are so many awesome mediums out there I strongly encourage you to make your own paper. I am transitioning over to just  buying white, black and kraft cardstock. I will not purchase pattern paper anymore. Partly because I don’t use it and when I do it is for a design team that provided it for me. If you are a paper lover (anyone else sniff it? I smell it the minute I get it home!) just purchase sheets you will actually use. Have you ever used an entire line of paper you have purchased? Think about it. If you have and do so often than of course that is a good purchase for you and you should continue doing that because it brings you joy. Otherwise, you don’t have to buy it.

Just Stop Buying It All

In conclusion I hope you understand that you don’t need to get it all. You can create beautiful art without having a fully stocked art studio in your home. Stop comparing what you have to what your favorite blogger or YouTuber just showed you. Stop comparing your space to theirs. Chances are they have all that stuff because it is their job and they did not buy much of it. No one is going to judge you if you do not have the latest and greatest. In fact, most crafters will admire you for only purchasing what you need. I know I will!

Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!



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