As a mixed media artist and paper crafter there are a few supplies that I use all the time. I keep these craft supplies within reach, so I can access them quickly and easily. It has taken some time to organize and find a system that works. However, now that I have been using this method and able to get to art and craft supplies because they are within reach, I wanted to share them with you.

What are the top arts and craft supplies to keep at your fingertips?

12 top arts and craft supplies every crafter needs in their crafters.

The Dozen Arts and Craft Supplies

  • Fude Ball Pen
  • Spring Loaded Scissors
  • Rinse Well
  • OttLite
  • Fiskars Paper Trimmer
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Water Based Paint
  • Gloss Spray
  • Nuvo Drops
  • Glimmer Paste
  • Heat It Tool
  • Stamping Platform

Art and Craft Supplies List


Details on The Dozen Arts and Crafts Supplies

You may be wondering why these particular arts and crafts supplies are needed in your craft room within reach. Let me break it down for you on why crafters across the spectrum have them and use them on a regular basis.

Why Fude Ball is a Needed Art and Craft Supply?

Fude Ball pen is a must for every artist and crafter in their craft room.

Fude Ball Pens are a wonderful writing tool.

Fude Ball pens are my favorite pen for art journaling and doodling on cardstock. They have a rich gorgeous ink in them that is fluid and consistent. They also write well on a multitude of surfaces without wearing out the tip. The coverage is even. You do want to give it a few minutes to dry before writing or painting over it. I like to set it with a Heat It Tool.

Scissors are a Must for Art and Craft Supplies

This may be a “like duh” supply on the list, but I am not referring to just any scissor. It is crucial that you have the right pair of scissors in your craft room. The spring loaded scissor fits nicely in the hand and are comfortable to use. They are great for detail cutting too.

Rinse Well is One of the Unknown as an Art and Craft Supply

Rinse Well is a must tool in a craft room

Rinse Well not only rinses paint brushes, it also flushes water and has a place to dry them.

The Rinse Well is probably the most unknown supplies that every crafter (especially those that paint) needs in their craft room. First, you do not have to worry about getting your dirty paint water confused with your coffee cup (or am I the only one that had drunk from a dirty paint water cup?) . Basically you fill it up with water. When you want to change the water just push the blue button and get fresh water. There are groves on the bottom of the well that allow you to scrub your brushes to get them nice and clean. Once your brushes are clean, you can set them up to dry on the base. The well holds a lot of water. I only fill it every other week.


A good light makes all the difference in art. The Ott Light is perfect for your work space. It comes in several different styles. I like the desktop one with a sorter, but there is a nice one with a fan built into the base. The light bulb last a long time. It is a nice bright clear light too. That is important because when a light is to bright it can leave a glare on your project or wash it out. Some lights are yellow which leaves a warm undertone to your project. It is crucial that you get a clear light shining on your project for color accuracy.

Portable Page Trimmer

Portable Page Trimmer is easy to store

A portable page trimmer is a great trimmer and easy to store.

I have gone through so many page trimmers. Seriously, finding a good one has been a battle. This is not unique to me either. A lot of crafters have struggled with finding that perfect page trimmer. I always come back to a portable trimmer. I like that I can find it at most big box shops. It makes finding replacement blades easy!  Plus, it is economical. It is easy to store and can fit in a tote for crafting on the go.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Paint is perfect for art journals and canvas.

Acrylic paint can be used in art journals and canvas as well as everything in between.

Acrylic paint is a cheap multipurpose medium every crafter needs. It can be used on paper, canvas and wood. It is a bit easier to use because once it dries, it can be layered with more color and not mix. This is important (especially for beginners or those who struggle with color families) because the artist does not have to worry about creating a muddy brown. Acrylic paint can be found anywhere and price can vary. My economically friendly favorite is Dina Wakley Media. I love the colors and the selection. They also gives a nice smooth coverage.

Water Based Paint

Water Based Paint is a great staple in the craft room for paper crafters. This type of paint has a similar consistency to acrylic paint, but it reactivates once it is dry if it gets wet. This is wonderful for those that enjoy mixing colors and like to remove paint after it has been laid and dried (think of running a baby wipe over a stencil on dried paint to reveal the image). It moves and is quite fun to work with. You will need to use a sealer if you want to set it.

Glossy Spray

Glossy Spray is perfect for misting and adding splatters to any project

Glossy spray can be used for a multitude of projects.

Glossy Spray has to be good in order to end up on any list I publish about must have or favorite craft supplies because I have a prejudice against mists. I hate them in general. They are to messy which says something because I am mixed media artist! However, Glossy Spray is fantastic because you can do so much with it! You can spray with it for quick coverage of a large area. You can also use it as a resist. Once it dries it does not move, so you can smear ink over it and the spray will shine through staying true to it’s color. You also can layer it once it is dry. OR you can mix it by spraying several different color when wet. It is a very cool product. I think I have one in every color.

Nuvo Drops

Why buy self adhesive gems or enamel dots when you can just make your own with Nuvo drops for pennies on the dollars? These will do it all! You can even use them through a stencil. Just squirt it out and spread with a craft tool. Make sure you wash your stencil right away because once this dries, it is on for good. They hold their shape and will not flatten once dry. Great for adding dimension. One thing to keep in mind when using Nuvo Drops is it does take time to dry.

Glimmer Paste

Glimmer Paste is wonderful to have a collection of in your supplies

Glimmer Paste adds glitter without the mess.

If you like Glitter, but not a fan of how it gets everywhere this is the paste for you! There are several kinds on the market, but I like this one best! The glitter is fine and they pack a lot into the gel. It covers stencils well — even detailed ones. Some glitter paste are to thick and dry out before you can use it up. Others do not have enough glitter and the coverage is not great. There are some that have chunky glitter that are fun to use, but do not do well going through a stencil. I like Glimmer Paste because it works well across the board. It is a good investment.

Heat It Tool

Heat It Tool is quite and great for fast drying.

Use a Heat It Tool to dry a substrate quick.

This was one of those things that I was on the fence about buying. It took me months to make the purchase because I had an embossing tool, but this is different and needed! In fact, I use this more than my embossing tool. First, if you create videos it is a must because it is quite. You can talk and dry in your videos at the same time. It gets super HOT and dries projects fairly quickly. The air flow is even so it keeps your mediums in place as it dries unlike an embossing tool which blows wet mediums around.

Stamp Platform

A Stamp Platform is an all time favorite by stampers and carmakers. It is perfect for bulk stamping and layering images. It has saved my a lot of money and time because I no longer have to throw away expensive paper because I did not layer an image up correctly. It is also a great tool for adding pressure. How many times have you stamped an image and realized you did not add pressure evenly and have spots? This allows you to do it again without risk of ruining your card. I also like to stamp an image, color it in and stamp it again for a crisp image.

I hope you found this article informative and maybe learned a new way to use something that you have in your craft room. What is your favorite thing in your craft room? Please share in the comments!

Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!


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