Creating beautiful color combos with Distress Oxides can be tricky. Kitsch Flamingo is a lovely color that resembles yard flamingos that were popular in the mid 1900’s. It is a great addition to the popular distress line by Tim Holtz through Ranger. After experimenting with these combos you will learn how easy Kitsch Flamingo is to incorporate into this line. It should be noted that blending colors is easy once you know the basic color theory. Here are five Kitsch Flamingo Distress Oxide color combos that you can do right now.

Kitsch Flamingo and Colors the Blend with it

Kitsch Flamingo can be used with warm colors from the Distress line.

In This Kitsch Flamingo Article

  • Cracking Campfire & Ripe Persimmon
  • Spun Sugar & Wilted Violet
  • Candied Apple & Worn Lipstick
  • Crackling Campfire & Black Soot
  • Barn Door & Carved Pumpkin
  • The Must Have: Distress Glaze
  • Clean Up: Scraperfect Best Cleaner Ever
  • Video: 5 Amazing Kitsch Flamingo Distress Oxide Color Combos
  • Supply List

Crackling Campfire & Ripe Persimmon

Crackling Campfire & Ripe Persimmon

These three colors create a perfect combo that is a reminder of popsicle sticks on a warm summer day.

This color combination blends well because it respects the color theory. It is a warm blend that works will with a summer card or layout.

Spun Sugar & Wilted Violet

Spun Sugar & Wilted Violet

Purple is a challenging color to blend because it does not follow the color theory.

Purple is the trickiest color to work with. It seems to turn a lot of blends into a muddy brown. In general, purple will always blend well with red or blue. However, by blending pink with purple it works because white is added to red which is not a color. Therefore, this color blend is perfection.

Candied Apple & Worn Lipstick

Candied Apple & Worn Lipstick

This is a wonderful background color combo for floral or spring themes.

Once again, this is a war, background. These colors work well because they each originated from red. Though, the blend is subtle, it is pretty.

Crackling Campfire & Black Soot

Crackling Campfire & Black Soot

A spooky color combo perfect for haunting backgrounds.

If yo are looking for the perfect, yet different Halloween blend this is it. By replacing orange with Kitsch Flamingo it creates a softer spooky feel.

Barn Door & Carved Pumpkin

Barn Door & Carved Pumpkin

A warm color blend that is perfect for all things fall!

For this blend, the pink replaces the yellow to create a perfect fall theme. Breaking the traditional color schemes can be achieved if one color from the same color family is used as the replacement.

The Must Have: Distress Glaze

Distress Glaze is a game changer. Use it over your Distress Ink blends to set it. Once it is used, more color can be added and it can be stamped on without moving or blending anymore. It is wonderful on Distress Oxide for bringing back luster. If you do not like the chalky look Distress Oxides have after they are dry use Distress Glaze. After achieving your blend, dip your finger (make sure it is clean and dry) or a sponge applicator into the Distress Glaze to pick up a little (not a lot). Next, rub it into your substrate. Finally, take a paper towel and rub it all over to pick up the excess.

Clean Up: Scraperfect Best Cleaner Ever

Generally Speaking, Distress Oxides clean up fairly easy. However, sometimes water just does not get it all up.  After trying to clean it with water, use Scraperfect Best Cleaner Ever. Always wipe down your surface with water after the cleaner to remove the residue. In addition, it is great on stamps and hands too.

Video: 5 Amazing Kitsch Flamingo Distress Oxide Combos

Here is a video demonstrating these color combinations. In addition, it showcases a few different techniques on blending colors. Furthermore, the video demonstrates how to use Distress Glaze and the cleaner.

Supply List

The following is a direct link supply list with everything used to create these color combinations.


Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!



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