Top 5 Organizational Tips For the Craft Room

Top 5 Organizational Tips Craft Room Organization

Top 5 Organizational Tip and Products for the 2021 Craft Room

One of the most challenging things an artist/crafter has to tackle is how to store and sort  supplies in their craft room. Craft room organization is not something a lot of us like to do, but we know it is necessary. There are 5 organizational tips and products that I have learned over the last three decades that allow me to be productive. These craft room organization ideas will keep your craft room tidy. They also will help you create easier.

What Kind Of Crafter Are You?

A lot of craft rooms are evolving and must be fluid enough to make the changes with time. So, with that being said, I like my room to be highly visual meaning I like to see as much of my supplies as I can. This allows me to sort, use and eventually purge the things I do not use. Some people prefer a perfectly clean and organized craft room with all of the supplies tucked away neatly. Before you jump into these craft room organization ideas, you need to figure out what kind of crafter you are. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What kind of space do I feel inspired in: clutter free or lots of things to look at?
  2. Do I concentrate better when I can see where all my supplies are or when they are tucked away?
  3. How much space do I have?
  4. Can I remember where I put things?
  5. What kind of space makes me anxious? Do I get stressed out when I see lots of stuff?

If You Are A Visual Crafter

If you like to see all of your products out, if it brings you joy and inspiration to see what you have to create with the majority of this article is for you. I am not trying to leave anyone out with that statement, but I am a visual crafter. You may have to see what you have in order to use it and be inspired. A clean and simple craft room  stresses me out. It is odd because I can not stand clutter in any other part of my home. Now, if you are one of those crafters that is neat and like to keep things tucked away you still will find some useful craft room organization ideas here too. In fact, I would love to know what your best tip is! E-mail me at to tell me or leave it in the comments.

Tip 1: Recycle, Repurpose and Reuse

Some of the boxes things come in today are gorgeous and sturdy. I always like to use these types of boxes first — before purchasing anything. Not only does it save money, but it also provides a uniqueness to the space. Who wants a cookie cutter look a like craft room? You have a unique vibe as a crafter that can not be duplicated. Your craft room should reflect who you are. One of my favorite storage solutions are the pretty little blue boxes the You Are Here Mugs come in from Starbucks.

Repurposed Storage Boxes Craft Room Organization

Slap a sticker on a pretty box and you instantly have a unique storage unit.

Some other storage options include:

  • Mugs: Some of my favorite sayings can be found on mugs. These are great for pencils, paint brushes and slim tools.
  • Mason Jars: These are adorable and useful for housing buttons, trinkets and tall slim tools.
  • Muffin Tins: Great to use to sort and store small items.
  • Baskets: stamps and thincuts store nicely in these as well as adhesives and foils.
  • Metal Trays: Store flowers and embellishments for easy access.

To house repurposed sorters I like these industrial style shelves on wheels that are for the garage. Each shelf is deep and adjustable. Plus, I can move them around and they are cheap.

Tip 2: Peg Board

White Pegboard Craft Room Organization

Use a pegboard to store things you use often.

Peg boards are fantastic because you can swap them out and customize them over and over again with little time, effort and investment. There are several adorable units complete with matching sorting items at specialty craft stores.  These are wonderful if they match your aesthetic and you can not think of anything better. However, My favorite comes from the hardware store and cost about 75% less than ones made for crafters. Take a can of spray paint to it, to make it match your room. I opted for white, but I have considered purple or Tiffany Blue.

Store scissors, paints and stamp pads on a pegboard along with paper towels. One of the most challenging things for me to store and not have it roll all over the place was paper towels. I use them often and everyday when I craft so I need them at my finger tips. By storing them on a roll on the pegboard makes it easy to access and keeps it all in one spot. I found the baskets for the best price here.

What to Do With All the Little 1 Ounce and Half Ounce Bottles

Nuvo Drops, paint and Stickles are a staple in a lot of craft rooms for the paper crafter, but they can be a nuisance to store. Once they get half used they need to be stored upside down. This can cause them to fall over on their side which will make everything else fall over as well. I used to store them in a big box that sat open. I saw a storage unit made specifically for little bottles, but I was on the fence. After eyeing them for about 6 months I finally made the plunge and ordered enough for all of my small bottles. I am so glad I did because I can see them all and they are out of the way. I keep them at the bottom of my pegboard on the counter.

clear storage for small bottles Craft Room Organization

These are great for keeping 1 and half ounce bottles ready for use.

Tip 3: Rotating Craft Tower

There are so many things that can be stored on a desk top craft tower. I decided to store all of my texture type paste and gesso. By having these mediums out on my desk I use them more because I can see them. Hence why I like the clear one instead of the white. I also like that I can change the shelves and add more if needed.

Rotating Craft Tower Craft Room Organization

The rotating craft tower is perfect for your desk!

Tip 4: Craft Cart

Craft Carts are great for housing pretty much anything that you want easy access to that can be rolled around or tucked away out of sight. They can be kept uber organized or a little bit of a catch all (like mine). W R Memory Keepers have wonderful accessories for carts. The side pockets are perfect for housing portable paper trimmers as well as paint brushes, journaling pens or aqua flow markers. It is narrow and long which makes it nice to be able to see behind it.

Craft Cart Craft Room Organization

Craft Carts are wonderful for housing a hodge podge of supplies.

Tip 5: Keep It Clean

A small hand held vacuum is a great way to keep a craft room clean without having to take a week out of the month to do it. By vacuuming, sweeping or mopping the area at the end of each day will keep it tidy and clean. I like to keep a shop van under my desk. I vacuum the floor at the end of each day I work in my craft room. It takes less than 5 minutes and I never have to do much more to keep it clean.

Small Shop Vac Craft Room Organization

We R Memory Keeper’s vacuum is perfect to keep by your desk for quick clean up.

Craft Room Organization Ideas Supply List


Most Important

The most important thing is that you have a space that you enjoy being in that allows you to create freely. There are lots of professional crafters on YouTube that show off their perfectly organized spaces. Those videos are meant to inspire, but often they leave the crafter feeling bad about their space and ashamed. No one has a perfectly clean craft room all the time or even most of the time if they are actually using it. I have never seen a real crafter’s space perfectly clean all the time. Be gentle with yourself and know that you are not abnormal. Use what you have and enjoy what you do!  Here are a few videos of how my craft room has changed over the years.


Until Next Time ~ Happy Crafting!

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