They may not be my favorite, but the following 10 arts and craft supplies that I order from Amazon are a staple in my craft room. I usually order everything on this list once a year directly from Amazon. You may not need these 10 supplies as often as I do because arts and crafts is my job and I create daily, but you will appreciate having them in your craft room. Instead of trying to hunt them down around town, I have found that ordering them on Amazon is easier, faster and usually cheaper.

My Top 10 List

Here are the top 10 things I use in my craft room on a daily basis.

The Top 10 List

  1. Watercolor Paper
  2. Paint Brushes
  3. 110 pound White Cardstock
  4. Glue
  5. Stencil Spray
  6. Tape Runner
  7. Alcohol Ink Safe Ink Pad
  8. Vellum
  9. Thin Foam Squares
  10. Envelopes

Break Down

Watercolor Paper

As a mixed media artist, I dauble a lot in wet mediums. It is much cheaper to purchase a pack of watercolor paper than the nicely packaged ones from industry leaders. The paper I buy from Amazon is cheaper and sometimes better quality than what you find in the paper craft world.

Paint Brushes

I must admit that if I washed these right away I probably would not have to replace them as often. I am notorious for using a baby wipe to clean them off, forgetting about them and finding them days later dried up. If you are more careful than I, you will not have to replace these as often.

 110 White Card Stock

This is probably the most important thing in my craft room. It saves me money because I make my own card base from it and I can use it to stamp, blend and color on. It is multi functional and just as good as the leaders in the industry.


Art Glitter Glue is the best glue I have ever used. I was a tape runner crafter before I discovered this. Now, I use it on almost every project. The extender is a must! It will allow for less glue to flow through the top and for a fine application. It is also important that you use the steel tip pin that comes with the extender. It prevents mold unlike a regular pin. To keep track of the pin while you craft, simply adhere a foam square to the side of the bottle and poke it through the foam.

Stencil Spray

This was all the rage and must have of 2018. However, I have been using stencil spray for years! Not only is it great on stencils, but on your Scan-n-Cut mats. I have not replaced my mat in four years because I just keep spraying my substrate with stencil spray. It also works great for keeping your paper in place in your stamp platform.

Tape Runner

For those times that I use a tape runner, the one by Scotch is my go to one. I have linked the runner and tape together, but I usually just purchase the tape in packs of three. One roll will last you a long time!

Alcohol Ink Safe Ink Pad

I discovered Memento about ten years ago and have been loyal to it ever since. No need to get a ton of colors. Just stick with black. I use this ink whenever I am coloring images with colored pencils or alcohol ink. It does not ruin your markers!


I remember when this was first on trend. I remember when it went out of style and considered tacky to use. Once I realized that vellum can be used to add a sentiment to a gorgeous but busy card front I have been hooked! Just make sure you stamp with a waterproof ink pad when you use it.

Thin Foam Squares

These are great for making cards and layering. The thin ones add the layers and give that dimension without bulking up the card so much that it can not go through the mail.


As I previously stated, I make my own card bases which means buying envelopes in bulk is a must. I save a lot of money by purchasing them without the matching card bases. I like white ones because I can stamp and color them.

The Links


Now that you know my top 10 supplies, tell me yours in the comments!

Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!

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