Hello friends! I am back today with another creative! I am so happy to introduce you to Jess. I meet her a few years back and was drawn to her kindness and creative spirit. She introduced me to Simon Hurley and we were on The Hedgehog Hollow Design Team together for about 6 months. I really appreciate what she says about what she would like to see change in the industry. I agree with her. It is a blessing to do what we love, but it is work and for some reason it is okay in this industry to not pay for work done. This is why we appreciate and value you — our friends, readers, followers and subscribers. When you read our blogs, visit our websites, use our affiliated links and watch our videos we are able to stay in business. So, with that being said, here’s Jess!

1)     Tell us about yourself! Let’s start with your name and where you are crafting from. I’m Jess and on social media I’m A Card Day’s Work! I live in Chesapeake, Virginia.

2)     What kind of crafting do you do?  I am primarily a cardmaker and scrapbooker, but I love so many different crafts. I love to create all kinds of things!

3)     Tell us about your creative process. Where do you get inspiration? Do you go through a routine when you create? If so, what is it? Do you snack or drink when you create? IF so, what? Do you watch tv, movies, listen to music or podcast? Tell us your favorites!  I am very much a ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ crafter. I don’t usually plan things out before creating. I sit down when I’m feeling creative and at each step, I make the choice for what to do next. If I try to play things out, my creativity feels stifled and I end up not feeling motivated to create.  I love to watch shows or listen to music while I create. It’s nice to have something on – I love all sorts of music and especially love shows that are fantasy or adventure related (think Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, even The Vampire Diaries lol!).

4)     Show us your creative space! Tell us about it. What do you really like about it? Is there anything you would like different in it? 

We just built and installed all of it within the last few months and I’m on cloud 9. The rest of my room still needs a TON of work, though. I love the organization of the unit and the ability to display some of my supplies, which keeps me inspired. I am still searching for a good way to store my paper and lots of odds and ends, though. I struggle to feel creative when my room is messy (which happens a lot), so I’m always looking for better ways to organize. 

5)     What are you currently working on? I have a few exciting things coming up that I can’t share yet, which have been taking a lot of my focus lately. But on a daily basis, I’m working on design team  projects for Simon Hurley create, Trinity Stamps, The Hedgehog Hollow, Spectrum Noir, and guest posts for Ranger.

6)     What is your favorite thing you have ever created? Do you have a link or picture to it? I don’t think I could answer that – I have such a hard time making choices, but some of the scrapbook layouts I’ve  created recently of my boys are some of my favorites.

7)     What is on your crafty wishlist? ALL THE THINGS! I seriously have so many things I always have my eye on – I’d really like to snag a few of the color cases from Scrapbook . com as well as one of their rotating craft storage units. So cool!

8)     What is one thing you would like to see change in the craft industry? I would love to see a shift towards paying designers for all their hard work and promotion, rather than just a promise of ‘exposure.’ I love creating and do it because of that love, but it would truly be wonderful to help support my family with the hard work I put into the industry. <3

9)     What is one thing you love about the craft industry? I love finding kindred spirits and building a community of positivity. I don’t have a lot of local friends, so building those relationships online has been such a life saver for me in staying connected and engaged.

10)  How can people find you?

Youtube: www.youtube.com/acarddayswork

Instagram: www.instagram.com/acarddayswork

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jessfranciscoofficial OR www.facebook.com/acarddayswork

Blog: www.acarddayswork.wordpress.com

Until Next time ~ Happy Crafting!