I am very excited to interview Rachel Winn about her craft! Rachel is with Kindred stamps and creates amazing paper crafting projects. I first learned of her at Creativation 2018.

1)     Tell us about yourself! Let’s start with your name (or what you go by) and where you are crafting from. 

Rachel Winn or R. Winn Creates on most social media platforms!

2)     What kind of crafting do you do?

I paper craft mostly, I love to color so 95% of my work has a colored element to it! Cards are my most done items, but I have been known to do scrapbook pages, bookmarks, and other goodies. I recently started dabbling in vinyl and have made a few shirts, cups, and signs.

3)     Tell us about your creative process. Where do you get inspiration? Do you go through a routine when you create? If so, what is it? Do you snack or drink when you create? IF so, what? Do you watch tv, movies, listen to music or podcast? Tell us your favorites!

Inspiration is a tough one, normally it’s something I’ve seen in the past whether it’s a movie, fine art, or someone else’s cards. My routine starts by coloring, normally using Copics, but sometime I use colored pencils (Chameleon brand or Prisma Color) or even attempt to watercolor! Then I decide if I’m going to create a background, use patterned paper, or just keep it single layered. I like using a lot of color and very rarely ever keep it simple! I tend to create on the fly and don’t plan things in advance so my process tends to have me in my craft room for a few hours.

I don’t normally eat when creating, but always have my water with me, and sometimes I will enjoy a glass of moscato. I normally color while watching TV with my hubby. When I am putting things together in my craft room, I either video call a friend or family, or have music playing. The music depends on my mood, I listen to Pandora Radio – Ke$ha if I feel feisty, Colbie Caillat if I am chill, and pretty much any other mood Disney. 

4)     Show us your creative space! Tell us about it. What do you really like about it? Is there anything you would like different in it?

My creative space is constantly evolving, there is always something that needs adjusted to make it work better. I have a holder for my Copics to be stored in my Lexington cart on the way from Etsy, super excited for that.  

I am a terribly messy person, so this photo was after about 2 days of HARD cleaning to make it possible for me to start a work from home job. I wish my space was larger, but truly, if it was, I would just find more things to fill it with. The one piece that I would really love to have a better solution for is my Scan n Cut, Cricut and Easy Press. I’m using an inexpensive baker’s rack now, I wish it was deeper, and a bit more sturdy. 

5)     What are you currently working on? 

I have about 6 or 7 Father’s Day cards that I need start (a friend placed an order for 4), and will be starting projects for i-crafter’s June release, and a blog hop that I will be doing for Pear Blossom Press for June… right now though… I’m gloriously between projects.

6)     What is your favorite thing you have ever created? Do you have a link or picture to it?

That’s like picking a favorite kid! It’s so hard to pick a favorite, so I made my 12 year old little sister pick for me.  This card is made using Kindred Stamps “Villainous Kids” and is actually watercolored, I’m pretty proud of the coloring because that is not my first pick of mediums. 

Here is my blog with all of the details on it:  https://rwinncreates.blogspot.com/2020/01/villainous-kids.html

7)     What is on your crafty wishlist?

Oh man… I am pretty spoiled and honestly have more than I could ever use… but filling in gaps in my Copic collection has been my focus lately. 

8)     What is one thing you would like to see change in the craft industry?

I wish that stamping was more known, you see classes on so many other craft types, but rarely for stamping (unless it’s for a MLM brand where you don’t sign up because you feel like it’s going to be about being sold something rather than learning a skill). Stores offer very few brands to pick from in store, and if I was just starting and didn’t know about all of the amazing stores available online, I probably wouldn’t be stamping still. 

9)     What is one thing you love about the craft industry?

The community, I have met so many amazing people through stamping and card making, including some of my best friends near and far.  There is always someone willing to offer advice, feedback, or love in this community.  The good people always outweigh the bad, for every negative comment, there are at least 10 positives. 

10)  How can people find you? (Please give all your social media links)

My blog http://rwinncreates.blogspot.com/

My Instagram https://www.instagram.com/r.winncreates/

My Facebook https://www.facebook.com/rwinncreates/

Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!