It is that time again! Today I have the pleasure to share with you a fantastic crafter — Miranda Webber! I totally agree with her regarding the “Thickers”. Read on to find out more!

1)     Tell us about yourself! Let’s start with your name (or what you go by) and where you are crafting from.

My name is Miranda Webber and my brand name is #myscrappylife.   I started on a small 4 by 4 card table and my crafty needs have grown into a full craft room.  It is my “zens” place.  I will always go into the room for at least 15-30 minutes daily.  

2)     What kind of crafting do you do?  I mostly do 12 by 12 layouts; however, I really have grown into loving Travelers Notebooks.  I have dabbled into mini albums and 8 by 11 layouts.  I use heavy mixed media and embellishments on my layouts. 

3)     Tell us about your creative process.
Where do you get inspiration? 
oh Boy!  This is a loaded question for me.  It really depends on what I am working on.  Sometimes I start with my photo, cut file, or paper collection.  I am a mood scrapper, so I love to start from scratch or a sketch.  Then build from there.
Do you go through a routine when you create? If so, what is it? 
I really don’t have a routine for my creating.  I tend to go with a flow on my layouts but in the end it makes sense and for the most part, I have loved how the layout turns out.  We all have those layouts that we really love or maybe just like them. 
Do you snack or drink when you create? IF so, what? 
YES!  I am a pop (diet coke) and a salty snack (almonds) type of scrapper.
Do you watch tv, movies, listen to music or podcast? Tell us your favorites! 
I listen to almost everything.  I mostly watch YouTube; however, Netflix/Amazon Prime and Audible are right up there as well. While I watch YouTube my guilty pleasure is cleaning videos and day in the life videos ( channels The Thornton Life, The Jackson Hive, and Team Darley) and of course, I watch scrappers too (Paige Evans, Missy Whidden, and Orange Gearle are on repeat).  If I am wanting to watch TV on my computer, I watch all the Real House Wives of Whatever it is; Suits, and anything paranormal genre on Netflix.  Audible is books, I download the books I am reading (if they have a good narrator) I will listen while I am scrapping.

4)     Show us your creative space! Tell us about it. What do you really like about it? Is there anything you would like different in it? 

As I stated before, my creative space is my Zens Place.  It is where I go to get away from everything.  I am all about the calming and vintage colors and that is how I craft too.  I am forever changing it around to find the right spot for everything and I keep it pretty simple.  Even though I have a good size of a room, I would love to have a better setup for filming.  I know when my husband is finally done doing his Army thing (we are active duty); I want to go to IKEA and get the white desks and make an L Shape Desk. That way, I have big area for filming and editing and I can have friends over and craft with me.

5)     What are you currently working on? I am currently working on Charleston, SC Anniversary trip from 2018. 

6)     What is your favorite thing you have ever created? I cannot believe I have to narrow this down to one.  I ended up with two (I hope this is okay.  lol)  The first one is my family, I took those busy papers and turned it into something magical!  I just love how this one turned out. 

Lastly, I really love this vintage life layout I did of myself.  It reflects a lot about my life in such a small layout.  It is super gorgeous and super me!

Do you have a link or picture to it? 
Link Number 1: and Link Number 2:   I have attached the photos as well and they labeled Layout 1 and Layout 2.

7)     What is on your crafty wishlist? My wish list consists of my better functioning desk; Typist from We R Memory Keepers, and Silhouette. Yes!  I know I have a Cricut but I really want to have both because they both have different things in their design spaces.

8)     What is one thing you would like to see change in the craft industry? Oh boy!  I do not even know how to answer this because really, I have been a fan of crafting since I can remember.  I mean we all know American Crafts is the biggest company in the industry but I think its the thickers from American Craft.  They just need to know how to stick; they always fall off if you do not put any kind of glue on them.

9)     What is one thing you love about the craft industry? The community!  I have found some of the best YouTubers, Friends, and business partners in this industry that I can’t find anywhere else. 

10)  How can people find you? (Please give all your social media links)

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Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!