One of my hopes in owning my own creative business is to build a supportive community. Today I am kicking off a new series in which I interview a crafter in the industry. I am super excited to feature Marie!

I had the pleasure of meeting Marie at Creativation in 2017. She was pregnant with her second baby and had the most adorable little boy with her and a pretty terrific husband. She soon became one of my favorite people in the industry because not only is she uber talented she is also extremely sweet with a fun personality. Like, when I watch her stories on Instagram I can’t help, but giggle.

  1. Tell us about yourself! Let’s start with your name (or what you go by) and where you are crafting from
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Hey! Marie here from the blog and YouTube channel Marie Nicole Designs! I currently live in California, but have moved around quite a bit in the last 10 years. My craft room always gets packed up and relocated along with us!

  • What kind of crafting do you do?

I do mostly cardmaking. I love to sit down, make something pretty, and then send it to a friend. I also do some personal albums and memory keeping, and some random DIY/décor projects from time to time.

  • Tell us about your creative process. Where do you get inspiration? Do you go through a routine when you create? If so, what is it? Do you snack or drink when you create? IF so, what? Do you watch tv, movies, listen to music or podcast? Tell us your favorites!

These days, my creative process has to be quick. With two small children that I homeschool (and who also don’t always nap anymore), my crafting time is limited! I make a point to notice designs and art throughout my day- whether from an ad or flyer I see, product in the stores, or even from a book I’m reading. I then try to translate that design onto a card if I feel inspired. My creative routine lately has been to rise early in the morning between 4 and 5am to get my projects done before the kids wake up.

Being up so early, my drink of choice is definitely coffee! I make myself a hot cup, sit down to craft or do editing on my computer, and just power through as much work as I can get done. I enjoy watching creator friends’ YouTube channels, listening to’s new podcast, “Life Handmade”, or trying to further my own personal education by taking online courses through places like Hillsdale College. My interests are all over the place.

4)     Show us your creative space! (send me a picture) Tell us about it. What do you really like about it? Is there anything you would like different in it?

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I’m afraid my creative space isn’t much to look at currently. Since we move so often, and most times we have no idea what our next house will be like, my craft space ends up being wherever we can fit it. Right now, I have one long desk that is situated along one wall in our bedroom. I need window light for filming, so my main work station in right in front of the window.

Moving down my desk, I have another station next to me where my kids can come and color and craft while I work. I have designated supplies that they know they are allowed to use, and I also let them sift through my scrap bin of papers to do whatever they want with them! They absolutely love it, and it allows me to sneak in a few more minutes to get projects done.

The end of the desk opposite of my craft station is my “work station”. I have my laptop, calendar, extra camera lens and microphone there, along with envelopes and stamps to address and mail cards out. It isn’t pretty, but its functional! We have another move coming up soon, and after we get settled I plan on investing in some new studio furniture and equipment. I can’t wait to make some much needed changes!

  • What are you currently working on?

Sorry to disappoint, but I don’t have anything mind-blowing in the works… yet. I always have ideas and grand schemes, but never seem to have the time to execute them. I have cleared much of my creative calendar for our upcoming move, but I will have a few new collaborations and projects coming in the near future.

  • What is your favorite thing you have ever created? Do you have a link or picture to it?

This is a hard question! I think each card I create becomes a “new favorite”, but the most meaningful projects are the ones where I document something personal to me, like an entry in my albums and journals.

One art journal spread I did quite a while ago that is meaningful is a page I dedicated to my two sons. Not many know that we lost our first baby, Isaac, during delivery. Our son Hayden became our rainbow baby after we lost Isaac. I always wonder what Isaac would have been like, or what kind of relationship he and Hayden would have had. I made a colorful and happy page with photos of both my sons in this art journal so that even though they never met, they could be together on the page. Creating through art can be so therapeutic when you can pour your heart into it. I have a blog post dedicated to this page here:

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7)     What is on your crafty wishlist?

It’s a little dangerous to ask about a crafter’s wish list, don’t you think? First thing I’d love is new furniture and storage, as well as a better camera set up and lighting. Then, I’d love to add the full collection of Distress Ink Oxides and a full set of Copics. I could go on, but… I’m sure Betz doesn’t want a 20 page blog post!

  • What is one thing you would like to see change in the craft industry?

I would love to see the craft industry GROW! I think sometimes those who don’t craft don’t quite understand how meaningful it is. There are so many different forms of self-expression through craft, that it isn’t a one-size-fits-all industry. Even if you don’t consider yourself “crafty”, there is sure to be something that will spark your interest! I always tell people to not worry about perfection; if you love it, DO IT!

  • What is one thing you love about the craft industry?

The number one thing I love about this industry is the community of creative people that I have met. I never could have dreamed that once I stepping into this community that I would find so many friends that I’m sure I’ll be in touch with for life. I chat with several creative friends daily, and every year when I go to Creativation its like a reunion of best friends. Its amazing to connect through our shared interest in art, and then find on deeper levels other joys, pains, and trials that we also have shared. I’m a serious introvert, so putting myself out there is difficult for me, but once I get around my crafty people, I feel like I’m HOME.

  1. How can people find you? (Please give all your social media links)

I want to give a huge shout out to Betz for including me in this interview! She is an amazing and talented artist and I love her heart for fellow creatives.

If you want to see more of my art and keep up on what I’m currently working on, please consider checking out my social media links below!







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