The National Mall is diffidently a place to visit in Washington DC. The best way to see the entire mall on a hot day is by bus. You will spend a lot of time on your feet if you want to walk.

Contrary to popular belief, the Washington Monument has been closed to the public for some time. According to all the locals it really never has been open for several years.

Washington Monument — The National Mall

The tribute to the Korean War Veterans Memorial was moving. Soldiers are placed in bushes on one end of the mall.

Korean War Veterans Memorial –The National Mall

Vietnam War Memorial is something I visited as a teenagers and remember it most.

Vietnam War Memorial — The National Mall

The massive and powerful Lincoln Memorial is iconic of the National Mall. The detail is incredible.

Lincoln Memorial — The National Mall

Thomas Jefferson Memorial was my favorite on the mall. The shape of the building was different from anything else. His statue immolated strength and power.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial — The National Mall

The day that we visited was warm. The World War 2 Memorial provided an opportunity to take off our shoes and tap our feet in the water. Signs around encouraged visitors to do so as along as there was no swimming.

The World War 2 Memorial — The National Mall

There is something special about this place. It was nice to pause, take it in and appreciate.U

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