Ford’s Theater and the surrounding area was my favorite part of town. It was close to where we were staying and we passed it almost everyday. Abe Lincoln is one of my favorite US Presidents. I remember visiting Ford’s Theater as a teenager and I was excited to finally take my three teenagers to it.

The Tour

The first portion of the tour of Ford’s Theater was a fantastic walk thru of a museum three floors down. The presentation in the theater was great! It was a monologue in which the actor portrayed the head of the police department that was in the theater the night Lincoln was killed. Walking to our seats down the hall there was a tick tock sound in the background like a clock. One one side of the hall it gave a time line for the Lincolns. On the other there was a timeline for Booth.

Background on Booth

Booth was part of an eight person Southern sympathizing crime ring. He handed his card (a well known actor) to Lincoln’s security before entering the suite President Lincoln was in. Booth wanted to be known. In fact, Lincoln had seen Booth perform and might have been a fan. There is a possibility that he would have invited him into his suite.

Lincoln died 10 hours later in the boarding house across the street from Ford’s Theater.

Boothe was apprehended and captured in Virginia along with his crew including a woman. She was the first female to carry out the death sentence in the United States of America.

Mary Todd Lincoln

Mary Lincoln emotionally broke upon the killing of her husband. She buried her son and husband and it was to much for her. The nation did not like her because Lincoln’s first two months in office she spent $20,000 on her wardrobe and the White House when the Union troops fighting the Civil War did not have so much as blankets. No matter what she dd she just never could redeem herself.

Mary Todd was charitable and often extended a helping hand to to those in need. Lincoln often looked to her for advice on political matters too which rubbed the cabinet the wrong way. Her heart break and public criticism lead her to be committed to an asylum for a time. Mary tried to sell some of her gowns in New York because she was broke, but no one was interested. She was black balled by society and forever gone down in history as a whack job — which upsets me. it just goes to show that we need to deal with negative stigmas associated with mental illness.

Abe’s Cafe

The little home in the wall across the street from Ford’s Theater has the best little cafe upstairs over the gift shop. The Vietnamese coffee at Abe’s Cafe was one of my favorites that I had while in D.C. The shop was clean and picturesque with a perfect view of the historical Ford’s Theater.

Until next time ~ Happy Travels!

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