Public Transportation Story

Before I tell you about our lovely day at George Washington’s Mount Vernon I have to tell you about our experience with the Transit. Since we were in a big city we opted to use public transportation and Ubers instead of renting a car. This worked out great for the most part (and we discovered that with a party of five Ubers were more convenient and cheaper than the bus). To get to Mount Vernon we had to take a train and a bus. We had tickets at 1:00 to tour the house. I made the mistake of inquiring about purchasing a week’s worth of bus passes and the conversation caused us to miss the bus. The problem was the buses only came once an hour on Sundays. The next bus was not going to be there by the time of our tour. We called and Uber and it all worked out.

Mount Vernon

George Washington’s Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is on the Potomac in which George Washington’s Dad, Augusta, purchased and built a house when George was a boy. He inherited the property and 11 slaves once his Dad passed away. George married later in life to Martha. She had a daughter and came from a wealthy family. George built on the 1600 square foot house his father built up and around it turning it into a mansion. He had over 300 slaves, yet was against slavery (or that is what the history books would like us to believe).

Treatment of Slaves

George allowed his slaves to visit their spouses on other properties on Sundays because it encouraged family bonds. His neighboring plantations did not appreciate that he allowed his slaves to do this, but George did not stop them from doing so. He also encouraged the slaves to harvest on his property and sell whatever they grew. George and Martha would buy from the slaves too. Washington allowed a few of them to have access to fire arms and would buy the slaves’ game.

One one occasion Martha was visiting the troops during the war. The property manager beat her slave dress maker when Martha was attending the men. The dress maker told him if he continued to hit her she would tell her lady. No record of if she actually told Martha, but she was no longer abused.

The Grounds

There still is a farm with animals on the property. All the animals are off spring of the animals from George Washington.

The Retired General and First President

Washington resigned as General of the Army after the war. He wanted to return to Mount Vernon and work the land. George Washington never lived in the White House. He finally retired in his childhood home. Washington died in his bed at the of 67.

Rumor has it that he was working outside and it started to rain. He did not change his clothes and caught a cold that lead to pneumonia that took his life.

Martha lived there until her passing. His nephew inherited Mount Vernon since he had no children of his own. His nephew and great nephew stayed in American politics. One was a judge. There are no living heirs of Washington today.

The Inn

On the site there is a wonderful gift shop and restaurant. The Inn was a fabulous place to eat a meal. The selections are inspired from Washington and property.

Until next time ~ Happy Travels!