Fairy Tale Mixed Media Page with Rita Barakat and Art Anthology Hop!

The Rita Barakat and Art Anthology designers have teamed up to bring you an amazing blog hop! All you have to do is jump in, be inspired, and leave a comment to be entered into a fabulous giveaway! I do have a personal request too! I recently started this website because my old blog was not keeping up with what I wanted to provide my readers. I would love it if you would click that “follow” button. It lets the Google Gods know that I am here and helps get it out in cyber space. Plus, I want to have good content and be of value and inspiration to other crafters.

For this hop I created a spread in my art journal! IMG_2698YT

I used the limited edition Rita Barakat Fairy Tale die cuts, paint and stencil from Art Anthology to create this page. I wanted the spread to be cohesive, yet seperate. I did not intend for it to be a “Ying and Yang” type page, but it totally did! We have the timid desperate for attention Little Red Riding Hood on one side:


And the ever so confidant and sassy Jasmine on the other:

IMG_2688I uploaded a video on how I created this page. Watch it come to life here. You will learn a few new tricks on working in an art journal and a sneaky peaky into the one I am currently obsessed with and adding to weekly.

Now, it’s time to get hopping! Make sure you leave a comment first and hop on to the next designer: https://youtu.be/AsewQo-8cSU

Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!


12 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Mixed Media Page with Rita Barakat and Art Anthology Hop!

  1. Oh, how I love how you use the fairy tale girls. The textures and colors, patterns…gorgeous

  2. Gorgeous layout! So fun and whimsical! I love all the beautiful bright mixture of colors and textures too!

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