Have you ever had one of those days that started of really bad, but ended up on a positive note? This happened to me recently. I went in for my half way test of a medical study group I am part of and I did not do as well as I had hoped. I left feeling low. I just wanted to grab a coffee and sulk in misery. As I left the building I glanced up and caught site of this beautiful view of downtown Phoenix.

 On my way home I remembered I had seen a cool looking coffee house heading into downtown that I wanted to stop by. I was so happy when I saw it as I approached the freeway! It then dawned on me that I was supper hungry.  I had missed breakfast so I could take the test.

 As I pulled in I discovered there was a cute little lunch spot right next door. This is when my day got better! I checked out the menu and noticed that everything was the same price — $10. There were three options and they rotated depending on the day. There was an option for the meat lover, the vegetarian and the vegan. Each meal was under 600 calories and everything in it was locally grown and organic. I ordered the vegetarian option for because it was gluten free.

 The chef gave me the history of the restaurant. It was actually owned by a family doctor who set out to show that you can eat delicious healthy food. She bought both the houses that contained the restaurant and the coffee house and all the recipes are hers.  She also decorated them and made sure they stayed historically sound. Keeping the integrity of the food and the buildings were crucial to her.

Once I got my meal that came in a cute reusable box I sat down and ate. It was so yummy! The chef actually came and sat with me and gave me the encouragement I needed to hear. She told me what was in the food and how to actually make the meal at home. I was so touched. I don’t think she knew just what kind of impact she was having on me. I felt empowered to do better with my eating habits and I left with hope and belief in myself.
Before I left I had to take a look at all the art on the walls. Each piece was done by a child and was for sale. The proceed of the sale go to the victims of child abuse. This was my favorite piece:

As I made my way around the building I noticed this:

 As a former educator I had to take a peak inside. There was a nice selection of books kids could read and return.

Of course I love the art on the building!
Finally it was time for my coffee! 
I ordered the “Bullet”. Basically it is hot coffee with grass fed butter. The coffee is roasted locally in the third house on the property by this man making my coffee.
It was delicious! 
One of my favorite things about Phoenix is the street art. I smiled as I walked out to my car and saw this:
If you are in the area I highly recommend stopping by Tasty Box and Street Coffee . They are right next door and free parking in the back.
Until next time ~ Happy Feasting 🙂