If you live in the Southwest you may be familiar with the “Lost Dutchman”. This is the time of year that the kids are out and travel is fun! One thing I like to do with my kiddos is to take fun yet educational trips. Recently we visited such a place — Superstition Mountain. This is where the legend of the “Lost Dutchman” originated. This is a great day trip!

This first stop is the train station. This is where you can pick up a ticket pass that will get you into the three top destinations: train ride,mine and mystery shack. This is a really great value and there is lots of valuable information given on each tour that is different from the others. 
Since you are already at the train station it makes sense to start your day with a ride. This is a great way to get an overview of the little ghost town and hear about the legend of the “Lost Dutchman”‘.
After the train ride head on over to the center of town!
Check out the mine that put this place on the map!
During the tour we learned about why catalogs are now glossy. Back in the miner days the men used to use the pages from the Sears catalogs to wipe their bums down in the mine. Those catalogs that were being sent to the miners were never getting into their intended audience — the women. Once Sears found out their ads were used as toilet paper they switched it to glossy paper.
After the tour of the mine, head on over to the Mystery Shack. This is one of the most fascinating spots because it seems to defy gravity.

There is a really beautiful path that leads up to the center of town.
Once arriving in the center of town it is hard to miss the corky antiques all around in random places. 

Of course there are shops full of lots of local products. One of the most unique things were wall hangings made from the red dirt found locally created my a local artist with molds he made on the side of a wagon. 
Of course every southwest ton has to have a few cacti — real or not!
My kids and I got a good chuckle as we headed towards the end of town in which we found a little church that shared the back with a firing range.
As you leave town you have got to stop into the local coffee house and grab a Prickly Pear Lemonade. You know you are there when you see the antique oven sitting out front!
If you are up for it, take a yonder over to the Superstition Mountain. There are lots of great trails to walk or hike. We thoroughly enjoyed our day here and hope if you ever are in these parts you pay this place a visit. 
Until next time ~ Happy Trails!