One of the most challenging events for me to scrapbook is a boy’s birthday. There are so many pretty and super cute birthday embellishments on the market that are great for a girly girl, but not much for a boy. I was super excited to find the Tim Holtz birthday stamps! These are amazing! I used them to document my boys’ birthday party along with the Feb Flying Unicorn kit. The brick paper is by far my favorite piece in the kit! I used the star chipboard boarder as an embellishment to the page. It really is a simple layout, but makes a great statement.

 My boys are four years apart and their birthdays fall a week from each other. So, we have come up with Brother’s Day in which we have a family party for them. They each get to pick their cupcake and open their presents. Although we do not give them our presents until their actual day in which they go our to lunch with their Dad and pick what they want for dinner that night. This year Logan picked Raspberry Coconut  Cream Vanilla Cupcakes and Parker picked Chocolate Butterfinger Cupcakes.

After over 20 years of scrapbooking I have come to terms that it is time to change and move on. I just don’t enjoy the process as much as I used to and it seems more like a chore than a pleasure. However, I still want to document pictures and memories so I am transferring over to the “Happy Planner” system. This has not been an easy choice to make and I have not entered into it lightly by any means. I have thought about it for months. I will periodically do a traditional scrapbook for special events or a trip. I am going to continue with traditional scrapbooking until July — when I make the switch to my Happy Planner. In fact, I desperately want to be caught up by that point so will be hitting it hard. Once I make the switch I will share with you my Happy Planner and how I use it. I also have gotten into card making, art journaling, DIY home décor (I love to change out my breakfast nook seasonaly!) , and mixed media. My blog will reflect those types of things. This has been an amazing journey in which I have grown creatively and have made terrific friends. I hope to evolve and expand from where I am at today!
Until next time — Happy Scrappy!  

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