As a stay at home mom I completely understand how easy and convenient yoga pants and sweatshirts can be for everyday wear. I also know that how productive I am during my day and how I feel about myself is influenced by what I wear. Therefore each week, on Sunday, I take a look at my planner and pull my wardrobe together. I get a lot of questions on how I always look so put together even just running to the store. I am going to answer those questions in this post as well as share what last week’s wardrobe was and how easy it really is to dress for your day.
Once I determine what my week involves I pick a common thread to develop my wardrobe around. It can be a color, a purse, a pair of shoes, a piece of jewelry or even a lipstick. I had just purchased a Kate Spade purse in my favorite color — navy! I decided to base my wardrobe on the purse so I could carry it all week. I have to have my bag match my outfit and I really like purses. If you can get away with a seasonal neutral purse and only swap out when the weather changes I am so jealous of you! I just love different shape, sizes, and color purses. I do not like to switch them out more than once a week, so usually my wardrobe is based on my purse. As you can see, I really like navy! 

 Once I determine the common theme I pull outfits together on sequin hangers including the jewelry I plan to wear each day. I like these types of hangers because they are wood and can withstand abuse and the sequin hold the clothes on nicely. Nothing slips off. Plus, they are gorgeous and I like seeing them greet me every morning when I go into my closet.

 It takes me about an hour to get the wardrobe put together, but it saves me at least triple that time during the week and those precious morning minutes that we seem to never have enough of. Here is my week of navy:

Monday was my errand day. I had to run to the post office and grocery shop. Though I love a good dress and flats, today was not the day to do that. Comfortable walking shoes and jeans were the best fit.

 Tuesday: I had an appointment and a good excuse to pull out a maxi dress along with my flats.

 Wednesday: My day of cleaning and bring meals to my son’s basketball team as well as the game! I opted for a dressier top that was washable and a shrug because it was chilly.

 Thursday: I had another appointment and a few errands to run as well as a lunch date with my friend.

 Friday: game day! My son had a basketball game in the afternoon and I had some meal prepping to do in the morning.

 Saturday: Playoff football game. Though it is not navy my purse still worked with it and I had to wear my team’s shirt!

 Sunday: Church and scrapbooking. I wore a navy dress, navy shrug with red jewelry.

When coordinating neutrals like navy don’t be afraid to step outside of the box. A lot of people will pair navy with red or white. However, it also looks great with green, hot pink, coral, orange and silver. You can also wear gold with it!

Until next time — Happy Scrappy!