A few months ago I found this fabulous perfume bottle at Victoria Secret. Sadly I did not love the perfume on me, but had to have the bottle so I bought it. I wore the semi okay perfume almost every day for the last few months just so I could empty and alter it! 

 I found these dingle berries on sale (90% off) and thought they would be perfect for my bottle. I used Glossy Accents as adhesive to hold everything together on the glass. I seriously love this stuff! It leaves a really cool glass type quality to it alone and it holds all those bulky pieces down on whatever surface you are working on.

 When I received the January kit from Flying Unicorn I knew I found the face for her — I adore the white resin piece! The butterfly metal piece is perfect for the center of the wings. I thought the wings would be the back, but I when I saw the butterfly I decided to flip it. I mean, the wings are my favorite part of the bottle so it makes sense that they should be visable from the front.

I usually do not like to mix metals, but since the bottle is a cool tone along with the frosted wings and my butterfly is gold (warm tone) I decided to use silver metal as the body of the butterfly.

I finished off my angel with a head full of silver dingle berries and small prima flowers from my stash folded in half . I then added a few strands of small pearls I had as well.

I do not consider myself a mixed media expert by any means. I am playing with it more, but I am still learning. I really am pleased with how this turned out.

Until next time — happy scrappy!

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