This last Christmas I had a minor panic attack because I could not find the 2012 Christmas album. I then realized I had not scrapped them! So, to avoid this happening in 2014 I made sure to get the 2013 album together ASAP. Here are a few pages out of it:

I found the album while visiting my friend in Indiana. It is by Hiedi Swapp. I was a little scared of it because it was super cool with all of these great shapped pages and tags!

 I added this pocket at the end to keep the rest of the Christmas cards as well as the one we sent out. Yes I did duct tape my kids’ mouths shut and wrap them in lights!

 Christmas Eve Dinner! This is one of my favorite pictures and I really appreciated the tag to put the menu on.

 The kids wrote their yearly letters to Santa (in which Santa took shopping with him this year because he had a hard time). I added a cute little pocket and placed their letters in them. I always save them. I think they are special 🙂

Until next time: HAPPY CRAFTING!
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