One of my very favorite bloggers ( took a challenge and captured one of her days in photos and blogged about it. I thought this would be fun to do too! So, this past Monday I took a picture every hour on the hour of my day. Monday is my day “off”.

6:00 – I start every morning with my Bible Study and prayer. I do get up to pee first, but after that it is back to bed to start my day with my Maker.

 7:00 – Time to get breakfast for the kids and make sure they are ready for their day. This morning they had eggs, fruit, Cranberry Pumpkin bread and milk. Of course we can not forget the vitamins.

 8:00 – After I dropped off the kids I headed to the gym to get my sweat on. I typically complete 5 miles and it takes the entire hour.

 9:00 – Time to get ready for my day and drink my breakfast. I like protein shakes because I can drink them as I get myself together.

 12:00 – This picture is out of order! How did that happen? Ah, well…obviously this is lunch. Now that it is getting cooler outside, soup is a staple 🙂 I try to eat every meal at the table. Even when I am home alone I like the tradition of lunch in the breakfast nook.

 10:00 & 11:00 – I did my “Home Blessing Hour”. However, for me instead of one hour it is two. I pick 10 chores to do and get them done. I tend to do the majority of my house work on Mondays and just maintain during the week. I also will focus on upstairs one week and downstairs the next. I used to try to do the entire house every week, but it would take F-O-R-E-V-E-R. I noticed that if I just kept up on it and a good cleaning every other week on each floor is really all we need.

 1:00 — A little time to get crafty. I made “The Little Mermaid” for a page I am completing in our vacation album.

 2:00 – Time to do a little desk work. I rarely crack open the laptop and when I do I try not to be on it for more than an hour.

 3:00 – Kids are out of school! Woo-Hoo! I missed them all day and it is nice to have them back home with me.

 4:00 – Annie is in the math club and does not get out until 4 O’clock.

 5:00 – Dinner preparation is under way. As my chicken baked, I decided to start on some Pomegranate Vinegar. I always forget how mess it is to work with until it is to late 🙁

 After I seeded two pomegranates I added about 20 ounces of white wine vinegar to the jar and sealed it up. I then placed it in the window. In 10 days I will run it through a cheese cloth to get rid of all the seeds. I will then have homemade pomegranate vinegar that I will mix with olive oil, pepper, and sea salt to use on winter green salads that have lettuce, feta cheese, walnuts and cranberries.

 6:00 – Dinner is served! I like using chicken thighs from time to time. Not only are they cheaper than the chicken breast, they also are very moist and flavorful.

 7:00 — Home made Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream from scratch and drizzled with pure organic maple syrup. I got an organic pumpkin in my “Bountiful Basket” and turned it into this as well as some “Pumpkin Maple Scones”. If you have never drizzled pure maple syrup on your pumpkin pie before please do it! It is like a slice of heaven and I don’t even like pumpkin pie.

 8:00 – Time to settle down with the family and watch “The Voice” with a nice 16 year aged Scotch from the Highlands of Scotland.

There it is….my typical day off. What did you do today? 😉