As I was looking through the spring and summer CTMH caddy I saw this cute card:

 I knew that I wanted to recreate it for our Easter Card this year. I looked through my CTMH card books (basically it is a sketch book with a bunch of different card options in it for the card making challenged like me). Usually if their is a card in the caddy the sketch of it is in one of the CTMH books, but I could not find it — and I have all the books! So this is what I did in my caddy:

 I then ordered my stamp set:

 I saw that there was a flower at the top left corner of the card and I had ordered this stamp set for another line, but thought it would work. Wanna know what is really cool? The CTMH Art Philosophy cart has a setting so  I can cut that flower at on my Cricut. The measurement is even on the stamp set, so it is pretty effortless on my part.

 Next I gathered my supplies. I really liked what was used in the caddy, but the line it came from I have no use for and would rather use my stash. I ended up swapping the buttons out for bling. Do you see the white dots? Those are actually adhesive springs that I planned to use to pop one of the bunnies. New item from CTMH and very cool!

 Here is my first attempt at the card. Of course I had to make a matching envelope:

 The next card I placed the bunnies closer together and like it better than my first attempt:

 Here is a close up of the cool little spring:

I made 6 cards and it took me 4 hours. I never wanted to spend that long making these, but considering that I had to come up with the measurements of the sketch (that still ended up not being exactly what was in the book) it is no wonder it took me that long.

Have you started your Easter cards yet? If not, Easter is on April 8 this year and you have just about 7 weeks left. Happy creating 🙂

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