First off, I am sorry the pictures are blurry. I don’t know what I did on my camera to make them this way and I will fix it in the future.
My oldest son, Logan did a year of Cub Scouts when he was 8 (3 years ago). For Christmas that year the family gave me the KI Cub Scout Kit. It took me until this last weekend to finally get them scrapped. I think I was just afraid of them…I don’t do well with themes at all, but I was finally able to conquer the kit!

 For the next one I wanted to include all the little cards he got with his pins and such on them for the different badges he earned. The only thing is, I am so sick of hiding them in pockets or behind photos so this time I displayed them along the edge to make a border. Then I took his “rank” and pin for that and did those in the lower corner.

 The last thing I wanted to do was have to break down the extras of a kit and put it in my stash. There is no way that I will ever use any thing Cub Scout again (we now do Awana) so I let the stickers and left over paper throw up on this final Cub scout layout. This is the first time I had nothing left over.

 This is a Layout I did using the CTMH “Reflection” book. It originally was a sketch for a one pager, but I made it into two by flipping the sketch upside down for the second half. All of this was made with crap….errrr…I mean stuff from my stash. That is why it is not all matchy matchy 🙂

 This final layout is one I made about three weeks ago with my new Cricut Imagine that I got for Christmas. I really like it!

 Detail of the cupcake that I “Frosted” with heat up puffy stuff you can get through CTMH (AKA ME). It makes good clouds and Santa beards. Oh, and snow too!

Thanks for stopping in 🙂

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