I must have been in  mushy mood over the weekend because 3 out of the 4 Layouts I completed were emotional. I had the urge and I always follow my urges to scrap challenging topics because it does not happen often. Let’s face it, I can scrap funny stuff and put a positive spin on everything, but if it requires to me feel sadness of any kind it is hard for me to deal with — much less scrap.

First up is the not so emotional one. It is just a page of my beautiful girl — Annie. This was taken on her 9th birthday.

 Now we get to the hard stuff. My grandma is 95 and is….well….slowly dying. I went home about two weeks ago to say my final good byes. This is the last picture I will most likely ever have with her and the last time I will ever see her on this earth. Now, before you go and feel all sappy for me — don’t. She has had a long good life and is moving on to a better place. She is comfortable and happy.

 I have always loved my Grandma’s hands. Those are one of the physical characteristics that will forever etched in my brain. Naturally I had to take a picture of them one last time and do a page about her and her hands.

 Lastly, this is a picture of my little Hero — Parker. As some of you may know we own a breeding company in which we breed Golden Retrievers. However, these dogs are our pets first and we are very attached to them. Of course it is only natural that we love the puppies with all of our heart. This particular puppy was named — Blur. We had run out of yarn and had to put two colors on him — Red and Blue. So we named him the Blur. Parker fell in love with the Blur and would drag this puppy every where he went. I even caught him a few times in Parker’s closet because Parker wanted to keep him. Well, we told Parker that we were not going to keep a male Golden and that he probably would be chosen as a therapy dog for the Southeast Blind Association in which he would help a veteran who was wounded in war. Sure enough the Blur was the one picked for that job. This is Parker’s last picture with his beloved Blur. He cried so much, but he also felt good about “training” him for this important mission and found a great deal of comfort in that. He sacrificed his own desire to keep the Blur for a greater good — and that is why this 6 year old is my hero. I am so blessed to have him as my son too!

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