Here is the last project from my favorite class I took at the Scrapbook Expo in Chicago.  Each little envelope does something different, so once it is complete it will be super duper cute with pictures and journaling.

 I used leftovers from the class to alter the box (box came with the kit — the class was only $24).

 I bought the bling for a buck at the Expo. I just cut it up and reshaped it to fit the box (I do that a lot with swirly bling). The flower is from “The Latest and Greatest” class that had nothing all that late or great! Talk about a rip off. If you are going to the Expo just take that $50 you would spend on the class and spend it at Expo. Everything I got in that class was stuff you would find on clearance and not spend more than $35 on. Total waste, but I am chasing rabbits. LOL!

That completes my Chicago Expo projects. Looking back now I am amazed that I was able to get two albums and this cute little box out of if. AND the best part was that I got to spend it with my favorite gal pal! 🙂

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