On FB there is a “Pay It Forward” going on. Basically you make five people a gift over the year and send it to them. Well, one of the ladies that posted on my status is in Japan with her family and her DH is away on an assignment and will be missing Valentine’s Day 🙁 So I decided to do a Valentine’s Day themed gift for her. I won’t get into all the stuff in the box, but I will share the handmade items I made 🙂

First, I found this notebook on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $0.71. Ugly right? Right! Browse through the photos and see the Prayer Journal I made her out of it!

Up first is the card:

Here is the prayer journal. I liked her’s so much that I made one for me (I posted the one I made for me before). This is the jean pocket off of my daughter’s *Justice* jeans. I added the flower and bling to make it even more girly. I found the pencils at like Walgreens and thought they matched well.

Little clipboard that I included an erasable *To Do* list on or she can throw a picture on it.

I am working on two “Pay It Forwards” this week and will get a picture of one of them up as soon as I get it off 🙂 Thanks for looking!

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