I think my scrap stash threw up on this LO:

I actually really like it! I am one to want to mix and match different lines to give my stuff a unique look ’cause goodness knows I am different….my pages need to be too! LOL!

The following two LOs are done with the new “Sweet Heart” Line from CTMH and I made them for my B.O.M. The journal cards are Hiedi Swap (have had them in my stash for years…..YEARS I tell ya!) I have no clue who the letters are made by, but they are cute….forgot I had them. Insert red face here….Notice the fabric flower? I whipped that up in a matter of minutes!

I think I have scrapped these pictures more than once. I am pretty sure this is the fourth LO I have used them on. I am not an advocate for scrapping the same pictures over and over and over and over again, but I could not get them out of my head with this paper! So, I gave into my desire and scrapped them. Hope no one gets offended by them….

Thanks for looking! 🙂

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