I was finally able to sit down, scrapbook, and found the motivation to do it! The last three weeks I have just not had the desire to create. In fact, I had lost my desire for it so much that I considered shrinking my stash down and trying to get out of it all together. Thankfully I got the itch this week and was able to scratch it. LOL!
I found a store that sells Thrifty ice cream — the ice cream I used to love to get at the store “Thrifty” when I was growing up. I was so tickled when I ran across it that I just had to do a Layout on it.

I am part of a Stampin’ Up! Hostess club and this was made with this month’s order. I thought it would go perfectly with my daughter’s photo of her on the day she earned Student of the Month.

Do you like the cool leopard flower on this? I love it! I used a ton of GM on this too! My daughter dancing down on the pier where I grew up.

Notice the flower in my daughter’s hair? I bought a pack of them at a craft show. I used it on the above LO and I made a hair clip for my daughter out of another one!

I got this water color paper from SU! This little whatever it is a huge mistake. I originally wanted to use some mist on it and stamp a bucking horse but it flopped. So I GM the heck out of it and then came up with this. I have no idea what I am going to do with it, but there it is.

Just a LO I did of some left over stuff in my stash. Kids are enjoying the first few days of fall at their school playground.

Ever have photos you want to have in your book because they are an important thing to your family traditions, but don’t have a clue how to scrap them? This is it for me! Everything on this LO came from a swap I did a few years ago. Nice to get it used up AND I kind of like the LO!

We have this Christmas village that Parker was determined to learn how to turn on. Well, he figured it out and this is a LO about it. I actually lifted this idea from a CK magazine.

Thanks for checking out my blog and my latest creations. It was nice to finalyl have the motivation and desire to scrap. I hope it last! 🙂

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