Are you ready for the upcoming holiday season? I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait! This is by far my very favorite time of the year. To kick off the holiday season your first challenge is two fold. First, make your holiday cards! I know it is early to do this, but it always seems that a week before the holiday is when I get around to making the cards and I don’t even enjoy the process because I am in such a hurry to get them in the mail. This year I want to enjoy the process! Take the next two weeks to get a good dent, if not all of your holiday cards done! Here are a few of mine:

Now, don’t stress about this. I am actually not a card maker. I have to lift ideas all the time and that is okay. If you are having a hard time coming up with ideas then just use a sketch or lift the cards that I made.
Ready for part two of your challenge? I want you to address them, seal them, and put a stamp on them. Now, you may be thinking “but if I make all my holiday cards how am I gonna know which ones to mail off and when?” Of course you are not going to put your Christmas cards in the mail right now. I know this, but you can keep track of them by placing a small decorative stamp in the lower right corner of the envie. For example, if they are Halloween then you can stamp a pumpkin. Or for Thanksgiving you can stamp a turkey or leaves. Don’t have a stamp? Then put a sticker on them. Or you can take an orange pen, for example, and draw a heart for the cards going out for Halloween and a different pen for the other set of cards. By doing this you stay organized and on top of things and your recipient thinks that you are so wonderful and thoughtful for sending a handmade card in a cute envie 😉
I want to see what you create so please paste your link to your creation in the comment section of this post. Please do not E-mail me your pictures because I can not promise that I will be able to upload them. You have until 11:45 pm Friday October 15 to get this done. Have fun!

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