I love kits! The problem is with the economy I have not been able to really afford them. Plus, I have just gotten….well…picky. I think I am scrappy snob or something because if I don’t like the entire kit than I don’t want to spend any money on it or if there is too much PP in it than I don’t want it either because that is the one thing I have too much of. There are are some great kits out there that I fall in love with every month — like Bad Girls! But, Bad Girls Kits are $129 a month….ummmm…that is just not happening for me. So today, I decided to spend $40 at the scrap booking store and create my own kit for myself. I wanted a technique because I am getting bored with what I know how to do. SO, I found bling templates! Now I can use those left over rhinestones and pearls to create cool designs with.

Here is what I got for $40 and now I appreciate so much why kits seem light these days — they are expensive! I really don’t feel like I got a lot, but I had fun mixing five paper lines together and I am not really sure if this matches to anyone else, but it matches for me so all is right in the world!

I then came home and dug through my stash. See, I can not in good conscious not try to use some of my stash. I really am resourceful and want to use it. Once I pulled everything from my stash (including CS, primas, flowers, a pocket of my child’s old jeans, buttons, ribbons, pearls, journal spots, and every thing else I can’t think of) I stood back and looked at all the pretties and imagined just what I would create with this lovely kit. So here is a picture of the final kit!

I then briefly thought I could actually start designing kits, but then I realized that people probably felt the same way I did and would not want to spend that much money on a kit. See, once the kit was complete it could retail for about $150 and that is just too much..what is even more sad is that this was not even a dent in my stash…

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