This mini album I did I actually lifted the idea from my friend Kylie. Her album is amazing and you should go check it out. Mine is not nearly as purty as hers is and I think it is bigger just because with the family we do so much through out the holidays. When I first started this I was afraid I would not have much to talk about, but now I can see just how much we do!
The Cover
Day 1, I don’t know what is going to go here yet.
This is day 2 and it is actually the flip flaps from CTMH. I can slip pictures into them and they are self adhesive. I really love them! I am going to get 6 pictures on this page. the following pictures show each flap and the title. My boys are having thier Birthday party at Pump It Up that day!

the day I send out Christmas cards. The envie will hold a copy of it.

Our Tree and packages (yes they will be wrapped by that time!)
We do the German tradition of writing a letter to Santa and leaving it in our shoes. Santa then brings a small treat left in the shoes.
A picture of what Santa left.
Parker’s Birthday and he gets to pick out what is for dinner.
My last day for the smemester (YAY!)
Gingerbread House
Gotta get an Angel Tree kiddo! 🙂
Blank for a few different things we might do that day.
More decorations

Last minute sales
Travel Maybe? I can’t predict the snow…. sigh…

I always take the kiddos to the movies three days before Christmas.
Christmas menu prep
What we left for Santa.
Christmas day is blank because I don’t know what we are going to get a good picture of.
Most likely tear down decorations
Our Thank You notes will go here.
ANother movie
Don’t know
The rest is on New Year Goals most likely.

Whew! Thanks for looking and please leave me some love. 😉

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