I know, I know, it is early for Christmas. However, in years past by the time I get the Christmas photos ready to scrap the last thing I want to do is look at more Christmas stuff. So, this year I am gonna do last years Christmas stuff done before to get me in the mood. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas!

This first one is not my favorite. I wanted to get the tickets from the Polar Express on the page.

This is a picture of Santa giving Annie a bell. It was sooooo sweet!

My very favorite LO I did. Do you know how there are those moments in life that will forever be a picture in your head? I was fortunate enough to capture that with this one! I have never seen a LO done on when a child stops believing in Santa, but this is one! My Logan was looking out the train window discussing with my Santa and this is the moment — this very moment — that he stoped beleiving. Isn’t it bitter sweet? He really truly did want to believe, but logically he just could not. It was like he had to mourn the loss of his belief. This LO captures all the emotion and memory of that moment. I am so happy I got an authentic record of that moment!

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