Here are two LOs of my trip to Vegas. One of the LOs there are three pictures of. The LO in itself is not so great, but I had to show of these new flaps that CTMH came out with that are self adhesive. They are 4 by 6 photo sleeves and you can place them anywhere! These are great for those times that you have a ton of pictures of an event, but don’t want to make a ton of LOs! I was able to get 12 pictures on the LO! I am not so thrilled with the design of the LO, but it got the pictures in the book! I put the LO in the page protector and then stuck the flaps on the page protector so you don’t have to pull the LO to see the pictures. They really stick nicely! I am going to play with these again for our visit to Shark Reef! The pack was under $5 and came with 15 flaps! If you are interested LMK because you can get them through me and keep my addiction thriving! LOL!
The other LO is about the trading cards — Vegas style. You better believe that I picked up cards of the naked chicks to put in my scrapbook. It is part of Vegas! Anyways I put the cards in the pocket I made and I used some of my questionable stamps. I like to scrap things that are border line sleazy! LOL! Oh, and no I did not call any of the girls. EWWWWW!!!!!I am not like that! YUCK!

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