If you are in my telephone scrap lift group on OBS then DON’T LOOK! Hee-hee! I am posting this early because I want my Soul Mate of a Mother, Bobbie, to see this! I took this picture when I was visiting her! We went wine tasting and it is with her that I discovered what wines I like! As you know I have not scrapped in a long time (well for me a long time!) and I went a bit overboard on the LO! I used paint, distressing, misting, stenciling, stamping, pop dots (on the grapes, bling, and I painted the transparency! Two tips:
1) Transparency Painting: Flip the transparency over and then paint. When you flip it back to the right side, you will be able to see the lines and such, plus it looks neater!
2) Tattered Angels Misting, Stamping, and Stenciling: The package says to mist the stencil first and then stamp it (This is my compass in the top corner. Next time I am stamping and then misting over the stencil. For this it did not line up right, but it is OK for the LO!
FYI: The compass stamp and stencil is awesome! The company has created this awesome line that coordinates between glimmer mist, stencils, and stamps. I would strongly recommending that you do a complete set. Go out and pick out a stencil, the matching stamp, and a glimmer mist. It is so much fun!
Thanks for looking and please leave me some love! I need some love…..

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