This is a LO of Annie, my daughter who is 6 and has more clothes then most full woman — much less little girls! The paper I used is flocked and is actually white, but I glimmer Misted it to make it match her outfit (kind of???) The Layout took a total of 20 minutes to throw together and no pagemaps this time, but I really like it. Better than I thought it would turn out! TFL!


7 thoughts on “Style!

  1. I write! I have not called. THis is true, but it is because you would hear ascreaming child in the background — spring break is spread out between the schools. I am not that fast! ;-P

  2. Oh Tara, if that is the case then you feel my pain! She has three closets full — packed actually, one tall dresser, and two tupperware containers in my closet. It is a crying shame.

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