Uncle Chris

Finally! This is my brother’s Christmas gift this year. I usually don’t alter or make gifts for dudes. Rather give a guy a gift card to Hooter’s! Ha-ha! Any way, here it is!


5 thoughts on “Uncle Chris

  1. What do you wanty Aleta? I am so so trying to use up my stash. I just might have something you want! LOL! Although, I have seen your stash…Kathy, it is on an 8 by 10 canvas and I used the Dude Collection from Prima!

  2. Chris may be a guy, but he will love this. He appreciates pretty much anything anyone does for him, but something with neice and nephews in it will mean a lot to him!

  3. Nancy — that is EXACTLY what I am crossing my fingers for! I know that he loves all his nieces and nephews and he really liked the thing I altered for him for graduation, so I think he is the only male that I will ever ever make stuff for! Hee-hee!

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