Try not to laugh to hard, but I did this LO for the scraptlift challenge over at SG last month. For the life of me I could not find any pictures that would work with the lift, so I took pictures of my lips with the different types of lipstick/glosses I use (I prefer lip gloss over lipstick BTW! I have a ton of Victoria Secret glosses that taste really good, so I am constantly licking my lips! LOL!). Naturally this is in my Book of Me album and I think I may burn this LO because it is just to weird! Insert me rolling my eyes here! ;-P

Thanks for looking and leave a comment if you must. Even if it just to say “hahahahahahahahahahaha you are a true dork!” Or, ummmm…..tell me which set you like best, so I know to stick to that color! Like for real. I like input like that! 🙂

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